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HRnet is a thin-client, browser-based software solution, providing capabilities for a human resources department to manage thousands of employee records in a clear, easy-to-use format.  Although HRnet has unlimited record capability, its usability allows for employers with 50 to 5,000 employees to effectively use the system. In addition to all of the typical functionality required by HR professionals, HRnet provides for full audit trails of data changes made at the field level, including who made the change and when it occurred.  Plus, payroll integration, multiple reporting solutions, and event-driven process management.  HRnet is designed to take advantage of the Internet, including smooth and controlled workflow with alerts and notifications via email, self-service, centralized administration, and the ability to access data from anywhere there is an Internet connection.  

HRnet was developed with the Andromeda Development Framework.  You can think of Andromeda as the foundation for the application.  Andromeda is the engine that runs the application; and, since it is also accessible from within the application, all the capabilities of Andromeda are available to use for customization.

Actions such as modifying a menu to include a recently added screen or creating a new field and adding it to a screen are accomplished in minutes.  When building a screen, the user selects the applicable data source, picks the fields to display, creates field labels, sets field attributes and formatting, and determines where on the screen to display the data fields.  Additional sophistication is available through the ability to include Visual Basic script code that may be executed at the time of screen display, initiated by user inputs/events, or when a screen is submitted, a delete action occurs, plus post-submit actions.

The HRnet system includes many modules and functionsHowever, it is not uncommon for the unique needs of a customer to require customization of the application. HRnet support staff typically complete requested customizations within 72 hours. Plus, with minimal training, and the proper security level, users can easily take control of their application.

Additionally, through the use of Andromeda and our dynamic data conversion utilities, implementation of the system is fast and straight forward, allowing for a rapid return on investment.